White Marble Apartment

This upscale mid-town Toronto apartment with spectacular downtown view was taken possession before the drywall was finished by the condo developer. We were responsible for the finish work. We had to hire the developer’s plumber, electrician and fireplace contractor to carry out our part of the contract.

The Scope of Work is As Follows:

Plaster Skim Coat on All Drywall Surfaces

Home Automation and Controls

Motorized Blinds

Fireplace Feature Wall

White Marble Flooring

Fitted Walk In Closet Cabinetry

Powder Room Millwork and Marble Work

Kitchen Reconfiguration

Glass Partition & Sliding Wall Panels

Custom Made Wall Cabinetry for the Family Room

Home Theatre Millwork and Wiring

12’ High Sliding Wall Panel

Complete Bedroom Suite

Complete Office Suite with Custom Wiring

Glass & Aluminum Work at Elevator Lobby

Custom Cut & Fitted Marble Floor at Elevator Lobby

The theme of the high-ceilinged apartment was minimalist and surfaces were different shades of white and natural wood finishes. Only the elevator lobby floor had a large pattern of pastel colors. Surfaces were ultra-smooth or high gloss. Two thousand square feet of the apartment floor were covered in five foot square white Calacatta marble slabs brought into the apartment with great efforts.

The Outcome

Yorkville, a fabled shopping and residential neighborhood in mid-town Toronto, is famous for its shops, art galleries, restaurants, The Hazelton Lanes, Whole Foods and the Four Seasons Hotel Complex.  Coming into this apartment building on the ground floor, you are in a twenty foot high minimalist walnut-paneled box of a lobby decorated simply but in good taste.  A swift elevator ride brings you up to this apartment.  The elevator cab is brushed stainless steel with walnut trims.  As soon as the elevator door opens, you are looking into a vast open space with the full view of the city as far as the eyes can see.  The large pattern of multi-colored marble slabs right in front of you is the elevator lobby floor.  The colors are soft and subtle and they stop there.  The apartment itself consists of different shades of white accented with chrome, brushed stainless steel, dark wood and natural wood finishes.  The predominant material is the white Italian Calacatta marble used for the floor.  The sense of serenity, purity, exclusivity and orderliness pervades the atmosphere throughout the apartment.

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