Scottish Arts & Crafts

Scottish Chic

Glencairn Avenue was a typical middle-class Toronto suburban street with a mixed architectural style. Red brick was frequently used on the outside of the houses. Roof lines were low and asphalt shingles were the roofing material of choice. We wanted to design a house that would fit in but with more refined detailing than the houses on the street. We wanted to make the interiors shine.

The client was of Scottish descent.  The street had a few nicely detailed Scottish Arts and Crafts houses that were built in the 1940s. They tended to be overshadowed by their larger and blander neighbors. The Tudor Gothic details were evident in these houses. For some reason, the Canadian brand of Scottish Arts and Crafts was notable for the lower than average front doors. We could only attribute the phenomenon to the desire of energy saving.

The Notable Front Entrance

The front entrance to us was hugely important. Our design did not look overly imposing from the street. The proportions of the front elevation were carefully studied and devised. But when you walked up to it, it became quite impressive. The door was ten foot tall and made of heavy oak with leaded glass inserts. The stone arch surround was a shallow Tudor arch with oak leave ornamentation. The overall effect was Scottish College Tudor.

The Brickwork

To the right of front entrance, the segments of the front elevation were divided into panels. The borders of the panels were carefully decorated with trims, dentils, pilasters and stone ornaments. The brickwork was varied – in herringbone pattern, in custom double ogee shape and/or contained within half-timber frames.

The Interiors

The interiors were Scottish Tudor also as demonstrated by the incorporation of the Arts and Crafts fireplace mantel, the great bracketed beams, the Gothic leaded mirrors and the Tudor plaster ceiling pattern. The living room had a full bank of Tudor Gothic leaded windows. On a sunny day, the casting of the shadows from the lead dividers complete the retro-nostalgic atmosphere.

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