Mid-Century Modern III

This mid-century modern bungalow is for those who would never want to move into an apartment or old folks home. When custom home builders all over North America are competing to build the biggest and tallest edifice, this project certainly goes against the grain. It is low and unassuming. It looks like an old 1950s bungalow. And it has no pseudo classical doodads. It took us five years to find the right lot to build this house which is by no means small. It has 7500 square feet on the main floor and it contains a four car garage. The house is 95 foot wide. We have to apply to committee of adjustment for extra lot coverage.


People usually give up on their houses because they can no longer maintain them. When some parts of the roof is thirty five feet above ground and hard to lean a ladder against because of lack of room, you may not find an eavestrough cleaner who wants to go up there. A clogged eavestrough can cause a lot of damage to the house.  So a one story house makes a lot of sense. And a bungalow with enough room makes more sense. It would be convenient to climb up a short ladder and walk on the roof. It would be nice to go anywhere in the house without climbing stairs. It would be superb that any service outfit can maintain the house at reasonable cost.


The roof is animal proof. It is metal (standing seam copper). There is no eavestrough. We use drainage channels at grade instead. The high basement is accessible by elevator. The finished grade all around the house is six inches lower than the main floor. The window walls are commercial quality aluminum with heavy duty frames thermally broken. The solid walls are brick with insulation value of R30. The roof is insulated to R60 value. There are four standard but high-quality furnaces and air-conditioning units that any service outfit can maintain. We use no zone-control damper with servo motor. There is no home automation or integrated sound system. Lighting is all LED and controlled by regular wall switches: some are two, three or four way switches. LED lights consumes one-tenth of the power of incandescent lights. There are two natural-gas fired back up generators, four sump pumps, a sophisticated HRV (heat recovery ventilation) system and a most advanced home security system hardwired throughout the house. The exteriors of the house is maintenance free other than re-caulking every ten years and replacing light bulbs. This bungalow is all white, thoroughly modern, bright, spacious, airy and very pleasant to live in. The design was partly inspired by the 1980s Memphis movement, partly by the 1960s pop and mod style and most of all by the mid-century modern atomic ranch style of the 1950s. The kitchen in this house is exemplary. Landscaping is a separate issue and we are still designing it so it will not require much maintenance.

Episode 1 : Video Walk-Thru of the White Bungalowwhite-bungalow-video
Episode 2 : Video of Mid-Century Modern Bathroombathroom-video