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White Marble Apartment Renovation

Four Seasons Private Residences are, at the moment, the most upscale condominium building in Toronto.  The quality of construction is extremely high in this building.  Just the window walls alone cost more than three times those of a typical condo building.

Demands on Renovators of the individual apartments were reciprocally high.  They were required to be fully insured and hold certificates of workplace safety for working in high places and dangerous and flammable chemical handling.  Strict rules must be observed for garbage disposal, parking, delivery and drop-off, identification for access, noise generation, elevator use and after-hour access.  Loading docks must be booked three days in advance.  Elevators were constantly in use.  So planning ahead for people and material movement was critical.

Developing Rapport with Building Management & Developer was our priority during the first week of our work start on site.  Our firm was quite well-known.  So it was relatively easy to develop a good working relationship with the site personnel.  It also helped when we followed the rules and treated everybody in a nice and friendly way.

Mapping & Surveying of building services such as ductwork, electrical wiring, plumbing pipes and drains, structural elements, security system, motorized blinds wiring, etc. were meticulously carried out by us.  The apartment site was measured, noted and photographed prior to the installation of drywall.  The data and dimensions were utilized in our own floor plans. When everything was covered up, we could still pinpoint where the services were.

four images of the white marble apartment renovation project during construction

Design Work Started in earnest when all the site data were collected.  Since the built-in components had to fit perfectly without the chance of making alterations, mistakes could not be tolerated.  The interior glass partitions and sliding panels were ordered from Italy and the lead time was eight months.  We prepared precise working drawings for the manufacturer in Italy and they in turned sent us shop drawings based on our drawings.  Their drawings were double checked and all site dimensions were verified by us on site.

The Minimalist Outcome was an eye-opener even for the jaded residents in the building.  The white marble floor was made up of five-foot square Italian marble slabs brought up to the apartment from the loading dock with great effort.  The sparsely furnished apartment showed off the white marble beautifully.  The pristine whiteness of the floor was complemented by white walls, ceilings, frames, trims, panels and doors.  Check out the Project section : White Marble Apartment

a view of the finished elevator foyer of the white marble apartment renovation project

Art Deco Apartment Renovation

The Four Seasons Condo contains another one of our projects.  This apartment is smaller and more compact than the previous one but is nevertheless as elaborate and sophisticated.  Each wall in the condo unit was treated separately and precisely.  The same care was taken to record all site data to be used in our floor plans.  Components were fabricated off-site and brought to the condo unit for assembly.

a view of the art deco condo apartment during renovation

The 1920s French Art Deco Outcome was a gem and a success.  It won the UK International Property Award, Best Interior Design Apartment Canada in 2014. See the Project : Art Deco Apartment

a view of the renovated art deco condo apartment after move in