Po Ku Design Build

Po Ku Design Build is the trade name for our corporation, Quinterior Ltd., incorporated in 1992 and has been building luxury custom homes ever since.  We have built mostly in the upscale neighborhoods of Toronto such as Lytton Park, North Avenue Road, Forest Hill, South Hill, Rosedale and Teddington Park. 

Po Ku and Georgiana Ku are a husband and wife team.  Our personal and corporate credit ratings are impeccable and can be verified.  We do business with utmost care and prudence.  There has never been any history of default or bankruptcy.  We treat our suppliers and sub-trades fairly and attentively.  Our good rapport is not only with the clients but with all our sub-trades.  We have been one of the first members of Tarion and are in good standing with them with no claim history.  We publish from time to time, articles on the building crafts and good construction practices.  Our ample knowledge about building science and construction procedures gained us much respect in the industry. 

We take construction seriously and we choose our projects with great care.  A successful project is the sum of good rapport, mutual respect and complete openness between client and builder.  

PO KU    Founder and President

Hi, I am Po Ku, the owner of Po Ku Design Build.  I have been building custom homes since 1992 in Toronto.

My first degree was in chemical engineering from the University of Alberta.  My second degree, Bachelor of Architecture, was from Dalhousie University in Halifax.  During my last school year, I was building several houses in Halifax. I became a registered architect in Alberta in 1980.  In 1984 I moved to Toronto.

From 1979 to 1990, besides practicing architecture, I had my own furniture line and was introducing Italian avant-garde lighting, furniture and product designs to Canada.

The chairs and tables I designed were sold to the Chanel boutiques, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Bear Stearns (now defunct) and Li Ka Shing’s head office in Hong Kong. I introduced to Canada since 1979 the Franco Bucci line of ceramics, Ettore Sottsass’ Donau line of furniture, Stilnovo Lighting, Poltronova furniture, Mageia marble, ICM tableware and Barovier e Toso art glass. The designs are now being collected in museums.

In 1991, during the worst stage of the economic downturn, I started acquiring building lots in the vicinity of upscale neighborhoods of Toronto and began building my first exquisitely detailed period homes. I have been discovering hidden gems (cinderella neighborhoods) ever since.  By word of mouth, my design-build practice was firmly established and since 1996, I have been building exclusively for private clients.  Custom luxury homes have a totally different set of requirements from spec built houses.  With my architectural and engineering background, the switch was seamless and spontaneous.