a dark red brick Georgian house new build by Po Ku Design Build of Toronto in Forest Hill

10 Tips for buying new dream house

  1.  Identify the neighborhood you want to live in.  Try not to be indulgent.  Think about the potential of the neighborhood : what it will be like in ten years.
  2.  Never overpay for “prestigious” neighborhoods.  Prestige is made by people.  You can create prestige too.
  3.  Schools are important but not that important.  Parents do drive their children to school.
  4.  There should be shops and cafes within walking distance that you will enjoy going to.
  5.  The quality of the existing architecture of the area is an asset that will keep drawing the right kind of people to live in the neighborhood
  6.  Is the dream house you want to buy an asset or a detriment to the beauty of the neighborhood?  Make sure the answer is “yes”.
  7.  You love the house but it has a tall flight of stair in front.  However, you think you might be able to live with it.  Don’t buy the house because inconvenience like this will only get worse with time.
  8.  If you are buying a ready-made house, make sure the builder has followed all the essential construction procedures of building a high quality house : read Construction Management and Basement Flooding
  9.  Try to look past the glitzy interiors, the imported appliances and the cavernous size of the rooms.  Is the floor straight and level?  Is it solid and quiet when you walk on it?  Do the doors open and close by themselves (this has nothing to do with poltergeist).  Do they close tightly?  Can the widows open and close freely?  Do the sinks and toilets drain and flush quickly?  Hot and cold water flow adequately when two or more taps are  running simultaneously?  Do the stairs have wide and generous steps and are they of equal heights that do not feel too high?
  10. The exterior material of choice is stone or brick.  Stucco on expanded foam is a lesser quality material.  However, stucco over brick or stone is considered a premium combination provided the masonry is vented in the back.


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